Allow yourself the opportunity to feel empowered with a new series of LGBT self defense nights. In our first session, we will go over close range scenarios utilizing tiger claw, elbow and knee techniques. 
The goal of each workshop is to introduce basic self defense techniques along with an underlying mindset that allows for greater personal safety in our everyday environments. With a holistic approach that addresses both body and mind, our instructors help instill the value of physical know-how, mental awareness, and focused willpower as key elements in the development of strong self defense skills.

Suggested donation of $15


QI GONG and YOGA with Master Yao Li
Thursdays 12-1pm
more info HERE



CALL FOR TENANTS - We are in the process of renovating a beautiful building at 2711 Troost to permanently house Inner Space Yoga as well as a number of other health conscious businesses.  We are looking for small businesses to share the building with us who are interested in healthy living and building community.  We are also looking to connect with the local community to see what we can do to help sustain and enrich the already existing neighborhood.  Any ideas are welcome.  Please contact Laura at or message us through the website HERE.